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Note on measurements
All ¼, ½, ¾ & 1 teaspoon measurements etc. are level unless otherwise stated.
Note on chilli powder
Although my recipes mainly refer to 'chilli powder' you can use whatever suits your taste and how hot you like it.  You can also vary the amount you use to suit individual preference.
To speed up the cooking of take-away curries the high street restaurant developed a style of cooking that has produced a characteristic flavour that has been difficult to re-create at home.
Pre-cooked base sauce, gravy or stock containing onions, ginger, garlic and a selection of spices and other ingredients was created and this along with pre-cooked meats and spice mixes allowed an order to be fulfilled in just a few minutes. The exact components of the base sauce and spice mixes were a closely guarded secret with each restaurant having its own unique recipe.
The base sauce is, essentially, a fairly mild, minimally spiced vegetable stock suitable for most of the curry types on offer.
In recent years this 'secret' has crept out and there any many recipes available on line and in published books.
My quest began before much of this information was available and you can read the evolution of my first curry base sauce if you are at all interested, here.
Over time I developed several base sauces and here is a breakdown of their properties and recommendations for use...

This is the prferred version and can be used in place of whatever a recipe recommends.
It is a variation on the C44 base sauce with increased onions and tomato, no fresh coriander and a few changes to the amount of spice. It is basically a boiled base with an initial 'frying' stage to intensify the flavours.
Quantity 2400 ml - 2+ hours - significant preparation - 8 single portions.

C40 Simple Fried Base
The origin of this base sauce is described at the end of the previous Background section.
Quantity 300 ml - 15 minutes - minimal preparation - 1 or 2 single portions
This was a development from the C40 Simple Fried Base sauce required to produce larger volumes and is very similar to it in taste. It was for a long time my preferred base sauce and is referred to in many recipes.
Quantity 1800 ml - 1 hour - minimal preparation - 6 single portions
C41 Quick Base Sauce
This was developed to provide a very simple and quick base sauce.
Quantity 1200 ml - 10 minutes - virtually no preparation - 4 single portions
This is a lightly spiced curry base sauce with the addition of green pepper, carrot and fresh coriander.
Quantity 2400 ml - 2+ hours - significant preparation - 8 single portions
C42, C43, C45, C47
These have been removed from the base sauce listings but are still available under the following links...
C42 base sauce, C43 base sauce, C45 base sauce, C47 base sauce

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