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Cooking for one person is a problem as very few recipe books cater for a single person.
Neither is it easy to convert from a recipe designed for 4 persons to a single portion because the ingredients just can't be reduced in proportion.
The recipes herein are not just copied from elsewhere but are all tried and tested and often the result of a great deal of research.
Included are Indian curries some of which are British Indian restaurant style (BIR) and others of a more traditional kind.
There are also some Chinese style recipes, Vegetarian and of course English.
The discussion section includes the characteristics of basic curry types, the health benefits of typical curry ingredients and even some useful converters. Also included is a discussion of the take-away cooking style - in other words how to make curries in your own kitchen like those you get from your local high street restaurant / take-away.

In the Food Chat... section there are suggestions on how to preserve ingredients such a pepper, chillies and root ginger. These are often sold in sealed packets with too many for one person and much can often be wasted. Use these techniques and always have good quality ingredients on hand in the freezer (this also saves some money, and that can't be bad).

In conclusion, recipes are continually being added, so enjoy and come back soon!

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C46 Garlic Chilli Chicken (Indian|BIR) - 20.06.20
Chickpea & Frankfurter Ragout (English) - 05.03.19
Chipotle Chicken (World/The Americas) - 05.03.19
C46 Chicken Naga (Indian|BIR) - 25.09.18
C46 Chicken Solah (Indian|BIR) - 18.09.18
Onion & Green Pepper Pizza (World/Italian) - 14.08.18
Lemon Tart/Pie (Baking) - 08.08.18
Orange Tart/Pie (Baking) - 31.07.18
Tomato Risotto (World/Italian) - 26.07.18
Mushroom Risotto (World/Italian) - 24.07.18
Key Lime Pie (Baking) - 20.07.18
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