C41 Precooked Chicken Tikka


2 tbspn yogurt 1 tbspn lemon juice
2 tspn c41 tikka spice mix 1 chicken breast



  1. Heat the grill to about half heat.
  2. Place some lightly oiled aluminium foil on top of a grill pan.
  3. Remove excess marinade from the chicken pieces and place on the foil.
  4. Place under the grill for about 12 - 15 min (see note 1), brushing with some remaining marinade and turning the pieces during grilling, until the chicken is cooked through and the edges are nicely toasted.
  5. (The chicken is cooked when the largest piece when cut at its thickest part is white throughout).


(1) It is difficult to give a precise time due to the differences between grill settings and distance from the heat source. Electric and gas grills will also be different and experience will be needed, but you will soon learn to do this in a way that gives good results.
(2) The cooked chicken can be refrigerated or frozen for future use.